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Common sense requires common reasoning and that is what people of average intelligence have done throughout recorded history. It has resulted in very slow progress in economics and all other branches of knowledge. New ideas and new insights cannot be created by people who use common sense. New ideas and insights require UNcommon sense. People will quickly reject new ideas that drift too far away from what they believe to be the truth that was derived at by using common sense. Most of what we have accepted to be the truth will be replaced by better or worse truths that have been derived at by Uncommon sense. Ultimate truths are very rare such as in some areas of mathematics such as 1+1=2, those truths are rarely or never challenged. So look, CommonSense has not gotten mankind very far. Only UncommonSense can get us to new ideas and insights, to new truths that are either better or worse than our currently held beliefs. So we must take all new ideas serious considerating and give them more than the current 20 second attentionspan.

This website has links to some of the websites that deal with some of Alf Temme's many un-common sense and outside the box ideas. Some of them you may disagree with but we can always

Comments and suggestions to: alf @ is a website that laments the sad state of affairs with the United States and its non-leadership.
This is a website that explains the difference between exercises that increase capillary circulation in all celltissues in the body creating better health in contrast to exercises that increase capillary circulation in skeletal muscles of the limbs (legs, arms) while decreasing capillary bloodflow in all other celltissues of the body.

This is TriConomics Phase 1. It is the rapid response to recession/depression to stop the bleeding of increasing unemployment and a continued downward spiraling economy. It will stop the downward spiraling in its tracks in 3 months and bring the economy back toward growth within 6 months. I know that sounds a bit too good to be true just like the exercise machine I manufacture since 1990 that gives you a complete workout in exactly 4 minutes per day with health benefits exceeding those from 30 to 90 minutes of conventional exercise.
This is a more plain language explanation of what has to be done to get the economy running smoothly again.
This is an introduction to a brilliant new taxation idea (BRILLIANT may sound arrogant and put some people off, but I really mean that it is a most excellent solution). This proposal provides for a 20 year transition period from the current tax to the new tax system. The slow transition is needed to allow all affected interest groups to gradually absorb the drastic changes at a rate of 1/20th per year. Such slow transition will avoid the possible sharp economic downturns that would be as a result of all the nonsense tax reform proposals that have plagued the USA for many decades now. They are all admirable for their effort but useless for the fact that they cannot be transitioned into without creating an instant depression. They are also difficult to collect and subject to massive tax evasion. 
This is the full 92 page version of my tax proposal as filed with the United States Patent office and it is currently displayed on the US Patent Office website as having been accepted for examination. It also has been assigned to a patent examiner. Not that I expect to make any money with such a patent, but I think that if I were to get a patent on it that the media would take my proposal a bit more serious and maybe give some publicity to this new system of taxation.
This is a proposal for 2 Federal and/or State laws that would get the lawsuit monkey off the back of American manufacturers that are currently sued out of business by members of the American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA). Allowing this cannibalization of the American economy to continue will with certainly kill American manufacturing to the point of no return. 
This is a surprising law of nature that applies to all things living and what outcomes to expect from demands/loads placed upon them or lightening such demands/loads. It explains, among many other things, why well intentioned help and support most often results in very disappointing outcomes and it explains why any form of socialism is a detriment to individuals and total economies as a whole. This law should be applied as a mandatory test for any new legislation contemplated for all laws and regulations at all levels of government.
This explains why experts are not the asset to society we thought they were. They actually stifle progress and they perpetuate and often complicate incorrect beliefs and bad insights. Examples of perpetuation of bad systems and complication of them are any number of government laws and regulations. A prime example is the United States 65,000 page 9 million word Federal Tax Code. Other examples abound of poor legislation drafted with the assistance of "experts".
This website explains why the maybe well intentioned objectives of Socialism to improve the social and economic wellbeing of the lesser advantaged most often does not improve their lives at all and actually results in deterioration of their standards of living. 
This is to explain the importance of greed as an important driving force for human progress and the falsely applied opposition to greed that can lead to violent conflict.
This is a brilliant piece of equipment I manufacture that could solve 2/3 of the illnescare (commonly misnamed healthcare) around the Globe.
This website enrages many people and makes them believe that I am crazy. It is a website that explains why WAR is to be held in higher esteem than it is because it is likely the most important factor that drives progress in the development of mankind. Sounds crazy but read about it and see what you think.

There are more good and maybe some bad ideas where these came from and I will post them as soon as I deem them ready for prime-time.

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